Episode 46 Sources: The Enfield Poltergeist

In this episode we get back to our paranormal roots to cover a listener request, the Enfield Poltergeist! You may be familiar with this story from the movies, but we are here (per usual) to tell you that what happened to the Hodgson family may not have been as spooky as it seems. Join us to hear about Peggy Hodgson, her children, their G-H-O-S-T, and what we think was actually going on at 284 Green St. in 1977.

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Link including pictures taken by Graham Morris of Janet “levitating” (i.e., jumping off of her bed): http://features.sky.com/enfield-haunting/

Here are our sources:

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Debunking Hauntings: Let’s Take a Trip to Kenny’s Tiki Bar

Kenny Biddle, science enthusiast, Skeptical Help Bar videocast host, writer for the “I Am Kenny Biddle” blog on Facebook and Skeptical Inquirer magazine, and owner of a backyard tiki bar,  joins us for a laugh-filled episode discussing the credibility of some of the most famous hauntings in America. We debunk photos from The Stanley Hotel (well-known as the inspiration for The Shining’s Overlook Hotel), review Meagan and Kenny’s encyclopedic Ghost Hunters knowledge at Eastern State Penitentiary, reveal the misunderstood history of the Baxter Avenue Morgue, and discuss the maybe not-so-strange happenings in the Astoria Underground Tunnels. Of course, no ghost-filled episode is complete without the Ghost Adventures crew! To hear about these haunted locations, and get an update on the history of Newme, listen now!

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