Episode 19 Sources: Distressingly Squishy – Zombie Science with Rebecca Gibson

In this episode, we are joined by bio-anthropologist Dr. Rebecca Gibson (@RGibsonGirl on Twitter) to discuss the origins of zombie stories and what might need to happen to make one in real life. From stories of brain-control with tetrodotoxin in Haiti to the possibility of transmissible brain cancer, there’s a lot of cool science to unpack! You can find out more info about Rebecca and her books on her Amazon author page at www.amazon.com/author/rebeccagibsonbioanthro.

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Here are the sources we used for this episode:

Podcasts: StarTalk, “The Science of Zombies and the Walking Dead“; Haunted Talks, Episode 47, “The Science of Zombies“; The Folklore Podcast, Episode 7, “Glitter and Gravedust